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Seeking 20 motivated individuals in the Oakland area who want to melt fat, build lean muscle and kickstart a life long body transformation!

Personal Attention
Nutrition Planning
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A Guided, No-Fail Path To REAL Body Fat Loss

Guaranteed to help you:

  • Burn Stubborn Body Fat and get Lean and Toned
  • Have More Energy for You and your Family
  • Regain Lost Confidence and Dominate Your Life 
  • Sleep Better and Be Healthier
  • Increase Your Energy Levels
  • Create Results that Finally Stick
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Client Success Stories

What's Included:

  • Semi-Private Training Sessions
  • Computerized Body Fat Analysis
  • Nutrition Assessment
  • Customized Meal Plan
  • Goal Assessment Plan
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Client Success Stories

I've been working with Gary for more than six months and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM! I GOT SERIOUS RESULTS!I was introduced to him by a friend, another mom, who had great results after working with him for three months. Both of us are in our mid-(uh, late) forties and have small children. My friend has always looked beautiful to me, but for the past few years she, like me, definitely seemed tired and run down. Well, I noticed how much stronger and fit my friend looked, and most of all, how her hair, skin and smile just glowed with youthful energy, and how much she raved about Gary, and I thought: I should at least meet him!

Gary is a fantastic trainer! He is knowledgeable and really aims to equip people with the ability to listen and take care of their bodies through thoughtful routines and stretches. I like that the exercises are focused on using a lot of our own weight and not fussing around too much with machinery

Gary got me out of that rut by giving me guidelines on healthier eating and providing challenging and constantly evolving workout routines. He provides a holistic approach to health and fitness with daily motivational texts, food and snack advice, and even book suggestions on health related topics. A session with Gary is not just about exercise, its an education on many levels; although the workout is challenging, Gary makes its interesting and fun.

Oakland's Best RESULTS DRIVEN Fitness Facility!

Being in control of your health frees you to feel positive about yourself -- inside and out. That’s what Plant Based Fitness can you for you, help reveal your true self to the world. PlantBased Fitness combines proven and effective strategies into an easy to follow Wellness Program.

Know what it feels like to thrive -- experience health, energy, and confidence like never before with PlantBased Fitness!

We are here to help you RAPIDLY lose fat, tone up your whole body and get fitter than you’ve ever been.

Our trainers have over 10 years of experience which will help you to achieve amazing results. 

Our formula for fat loss has been proven on hundreds of clients JUST LIKE YOU.

By combining fun, intense training sessions along with a comprehensive nutrition program and lifestyle support, we will get you fitter, leaner, happier and healthier than you’ve ever been.

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Ready For Your Body Transformation?

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PS! Shaping up those “problem” areas… regaining that lost sense of worthiness in your own body… and absolutely loving the person who looks back at you in the mirror… is only a click away. You know you’re going to make weight loss a priority sometime soon… why wait another day? It will just be that much harder then. This is the perfect chance to affirm that 2019 is going to be your year.


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