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“Working hard for 10 months! Getting stronger, leaner and finding more energy.Gary has many tricks that work for you, whatever your goals! He won’t let you see the smallness of your abilities, I even committed To NO coffee for a month! But all is great.”

Kris B.

“Gary is more than a personal trainer, he’s a friend that’s truly invested in my wellbeing and a passionate advocate for all his clients…Gary is also very knowledgeable and energized about food as a health tool and not just a “diet” but really a way of life. ”


“Gary Whitaker is a great trainer! He does not have a “one size fits all” approach to fitness, but rather, takes an assessment of your body to plan the right program He places great attention on correcting imbalances and making you stronger. Gary also has a keen knowledge of plant­-based diets and values good nutrition as a partner in fitness.”

Drew S.

My wife and I really enjoyed working out with Gary while we were living in Oakland! He pushed us both and made it fun. We definitely improved but the workouts never got easier - he obviously paid attention to our progress!

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Rosanne "rose_petalz" P.

For the past year, my only form of exercise was walking my dog and I wanted to get back into exercising regularly and eating healthier. I decided to sign up with Gary at Plant Based Fitness and I'm grateful to have just completed a 6 week fitness challenge! Now I'm 10 pounds lighter, eating healthier, exercising regularly and feeling amazing! I'm vegan so it was a major plus to work with Gary who is also vegan and has lots of knowledge when it comes to plant based nutrition.

Elly G.

Gary is a fantastic trainer! He is knowledgeable and really aims to equip people with the ability to listen and take care of their bodies through thoughtful routines and stretches. I like that the exercises are focused on using a lot of our own weight and not fussing around too much with machinery -- it is always a holistic workout that focuses on improving your entire body. I personally had not worked out in a while, so I wanted to really have some guidance as I eased myself back into a fitness regimen. Gary provides you with videos, links, resources through his text program so you're never really at a loss. He's personable, flexible with scheduling, genuine, and pays attention to everyone's progress. There was a week where I had actually sprained my ankle and Gary dedicated a session to recovery which seriously was probably what allowed the ankle to heal. I appreciated that a lot! I have only been at PBF for a little under two months, but I already feel my body changing.

Stephany P.

Gary is a fantastic trainer. he is supportive and pays attention to our progress. he's also flexible when it comes to scheduling for training sessions. and, he's fun! he customizes routines based on our interests. he instills motivation and healthy habits through example.


I really enjoy being more fit than I've ever been and this is all thanks to Gary! I'm glad I signed up with him and made a friend who truly cares about my well being :) I'd recommend him to anybody looking for a change in their lifestyles.

Courtenay G.

After years of not working out, signing up with a trainer for small group sessions was a little scary. But Gary is very friendly, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. He's also very accommodating of physical limitations. He pushes me but only to do my best. The gym is clean, friendly and non competitive or judgmental. The longer I go, the more it feels like Cheers... I'm recognizing people, getting to know them, etc. It's a very comfortable environment, even for those of us who aren't in shape...


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